Sud Tendances Diffusion

Domaine de Mont d'Hortes -Igp Côtes de Thongue

Winegrowers : Roch and Jean-Victor Anglade

Mont d hortes2


30 Hectares 

Located in St Thibéry - F 34630

IGP Côtes de Thongue 


Range of 10 Wines  ( 4 Whites  , 1 Rosé  , 5 Reds )

The domaine is managed by 2 brothers : Jean-Victor at the vineyard and Roch at the cellar ,administration and sales 

Domaine Mont d'Hortes produce a range of upper class varietal wines that can surprise those used to tasting the mass produced wines from the Languedoc area .

No wonder that the quality is there when you know that Roch is a graduated oenologist and used to be a consultant in the winemaking process prior to joining this family owned Domaine since 1997 . 




Last edited: 2021-10-06