Sud Tendances Diffusion

Tourbes , Languedoc


JUNE 2024 

Very hard to keep up ... Sales are going to the roof for a few products - Mainly whites at the moment .

Very good response to Instinct Sauvage white - 100 % Floréal from Mas des Cabres , En Scène white (Chardonnay -Viognier ) from les Caves Molière , Espérandieu ( white Aop Minervois )  from Domaine Cailhol Gautran .

It would be great to have a look at our selection of red wines though, including the very interesting Pinot Noir - les Mûriers from Domaine de Castelnau , Terres d'Aspères  ( Blend of Syrah and Grenache ) from Mas des Cabres , the 100 %  Cinsault from Domaine des Terres Falmet etc  .


Please ,feel free to ask for further details .. 


APRIL 2024 

The first 3 months of 2024 have seen us breaking our  all-time sales record .

It is now time to tap some markets we did not explore that much since our inception , in particular Germany and Belgium . 

But globally we still offer trade opportunities all across Europe for our good value Igp and attractive Aop St Chinian , Minervois , Faugères , Limoux , Picpoul de Pinet , Sommières etc . 


MARCH 2024 

Wine Paris 2024 is behind us - This edition has been a real success. Good to see again our regular customers and also to be able to meet new faces from several european countries . 

Quite unexpectedly , we have already started new cooperations . This really makes us a little bit more optimistic about the future !  


On another hand , we still wish to draw your attention to the following wines in our portfolio 

Château de Castelnau -Aop  Picpoul de Pinet 2023 

Domaine de Castelnau -Chardonnay les Ronces 2023- Igp Pays d'Oc 

Domaine de Castelnau -Rosé Osé 2023 - Igp Pays d'Oc 

Epicerie de Castelnau - Rosé 2023 - Igp Pays d'Hérault 

Domaine Cailhol Gautran - Espérandieu 2023 - Aop Minervois Blanc 

Domaine Cailhol Gautran - Villa Lucia Rouge 2022 - Aop Minervois 

Domaine Cailhol Gautran -La Table du Loup 2020 - 2 stars -Coup de Coeur dans le Guide Hachette 2024 

Domaine la Mirande - Aop Picpoul de Pinet 2023 

Domaine des Terres Falmet - Mourvèdre 2022-Vin de France 

Mas des Cabres - La Draille 2021  - Aop Sommières

Mas des Cabres - Instinct Sauvage - Blanc  2023 - 100 % Floréal ( resistant grape variety ) - Igp Cévennes 

Les Caves Molière - En Scène Blanc 2023 - Chardonnay Viognier - Igp Pays d'Oc 


More news to come here and on our Facebook page 


Reminder -Previous news ( September 2022 )


We were happy and proud of Domaine Cailhol Gautran following their Platinum Medal ( 97 Points ) at the Decanter World Wine Awards competition for Villa Lucia Red 2019 ( oaked Aop Minervois )

Domaine de Castelnau had been awarded  a very impressive number of medals at  the same very selective competition : 


Decantre castelnau 2022

Our pride in 2019 was our Platinum medal with Domaine de Castelnau at Decanter WWA 


L etendoir des fees decanter













Medailles mundus

Mundus Vini 2024

Domaine de Castelnau earned 3 Gold medals and 3 Silver medals

Gold - Château de Castelnau - Picpoul de Pinet 2023 

Gold-  Chardonnay les Ronces 2023 

Gold - Viognier l'Ile 2023 

Silver - Sauvignon le Bosquet 2023 

Silver - Syrah Cayenne 2023 

Silver - Chardonnay Sélection Parcellaire 2023 




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