Sud Tendances Diffusion

Domaine Cailhol Gautran-Aoc Minervois + Igp

Winegrowers : Olivia and Nicolas Gautran

Portraits cailhol

55 Hectares in Aigues -Vives - Aoc Minervois + Igp 

The 4th generation (Nicolas and Olivia Gautran )  is now at the helm of this Domaine created back in 1918 .

From 5 Hectares it has now grown to  55 -Most of the planted surface is located on the Plateau de Cazelles - 200 meters above sea level .The farming is certified organic since the vintage 2020 .

In 2017 , a very modern cellar was built ,ensuring better winemaking conditions .

The current efforts of the owners now  focus on production of qualitative Aop Minervois wines in the 3 colors .

In additon to this range we can also mention  a 100% Carignan ( Sine Quano ) and selected wines = Aop St Jean de Minervois and Aop Blanquette de Limoux .



Last edited: 2024-04-09