Sud Tendances Diffusion

Mas Fabregous -Aop Languedoc -Terrasses du Larzac

Winegrower : Philippe Gros


16 Hectares 

Located in  -34700 Soubès


AOC Languedoc Terrasses du Larzac-IGP Coteaux du Salagou 


The Terroir at Mas Fabregous is remarkable for the diversity of its exposures - mainly to the South . Cool nights allow the photosynthesis to be very active from the morning , which gives aromatic elegance to the wines .Also the relatively high altitude ( 400 Meters ) and the forest environment are beneficial factors . Warm days bring the grapes gently to their optimal ripeness .


The farming activity at Mas Fabregous dates back to 1610 ! The land has been kept in the family since then . 

The Domaine is currently managed by Philippe Gros . In the last 20 years , new grape varieties have been planted . The aim was clearly  to improve the quality of the production .This has also been achieved through adapted viticultural methods :

Plowing , strict pruning , additon of compost in order to have a healthy living soil - Yields between 17 and 30 Hectoliters per hectare.


The harvest is done by hand exlusively , in small crates .Only the best looking grapes are kept for the vinification . 


Last edited: 2021-10-06