Sud Tendances Diffusion

AOP Red - Languedoc - Terrasses du Larzac

Appellation area

Organized as an open V of 45 kms by 20 , the Terrasses du Larzac  are backed on the Causse du Larzac to the north  ,of which the  highest point is the Pic Saint Baudille  , 800 meters a bove sea level .

It is one of the major characteristics of this area showing significant differences in altitude between the foothill areas and the ridges .High calcareous cliffs form natural barriers that protect the site .



Temperatures are generally cooler than in  the rest of the Aoc Languedoc appellation on average  . This comes from the lesser influence of the sea that spreads  further in the distance  Also during the growing season  , temperature variations between day and night are significant .This variation is around 13 to 14°C during the summer compared to   11 ° on the coastline . This  difference may be more  when the cool  wind comes down from the Causse .

Grape Varieties

The red wines must  be made of the following grape varieties .grenache, mourvèdre, syrah, carignan, cinsault. At least 2 of these grape varieties must be blended together-


After destalking , the vinification is usually traditional -Grapes must be harvested at good maturity .The appellation can only be granted for vines aged 4 years and over .

Key figures

  • 568 hectares
  • 5 cooperative cellars
  • 61 independant cellars

Average Yield

  • 31 hectoliters/hectare

Average production

  • 16 719 hectoliters (100% red)


The range at  Sud Tendances Diffusion



1-Mas Fabregous


Sentier Botanique

Syrah-Grenache -Carignan  ; 50% in oak barrels during 18 months 

Mas fabregous sentier botanique rouge



Le Centaure

Syrah -Grenache : 24 mois in new oak barrels 

Selection of the best grapes for the cuvée 

Mas fabregous le centaure


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