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AOP Red - Fitou

Appellation area

Between Mediterranean sea and the Massif des Corbières , in the Aude province , the Fitou vineyards are planted on one  of the most diverse terroirs of all vineyards in France .A diversity of soils that grant such a beautiful complexity to the wines from this appellation , perfect media of expression for the various grape varieties which are part of the blends . Besides the perfect combination of resistant grape varieties and soils suited to quality making , the mediterranean climate is a real gift from Mother Nature that crafts , protects and makesthe vineyard even prettier .


For some 15  years , lab analysis of various soils of the appellation area have allowed technicians to characterize each parcel , according to the type of soil : in consequence , the winegrower will plant the best suited grape variety , giving priority to Carignan and Grenache on hillsides , keeping the Syrah for the deeper soils , less sensitive to the drought .As far as the Mourvèdre is concerned , warmer sectors closer to the sea will be perfect for it .If you come across limestone , marls and schists in all 25 subzones of the Fitou  , more than 22 different soils are characteristic of the area , ensuring an exceptional richness and facilitating a wide variety of expressions  :  fine alluvial deposits and colluvium , hard and dolomitic  limestone  , molassic limestone ...From the sea front to vineyards in altitude ( up to 450 meters ) , these soils have in common  stoniness and shallow depths - This favours naturally controlled yields . 


Under sea or altitude  influence , the Fitou terroir benefits a good temperature range between night and dday ,ensuring the best possible maturing  of the grapes .The appellation can therefore boast micro climates that , combined with different soils , allow the 4 emblematic grape varieties to express themselves in various ways  : serious assets that make the complexity and the richness of the Aoc Fitou .

Grape varieties

Fitou is a complex and skillful blend of mainly Carignan and Grencahe , balanced by Syrah and Mourvèdre .The proportions are defined by each winegrower or winemaker in order to achieve the best expression of the terroir , a style of wine , a profile of the vintage .However , Carignan and Grenache must represent at least 60 % of the blend in order to maintain the authentic identity of Fitou .


Two vinification processes influence the style of the Aoc Fitou  :  the most common and traditional implies the crushing of grapes , or with a full or partial destalking , the maceration with full bunches .

Generally , the winegrowers from Fitou combine the 2 methods to get fruity , full bodied and soft wines .Another characteritic of the cru : ageing in oak barrels is traditionnally used for numerous great cuvées .



  • 2 300 hectares
  • 215 producers
  • 3 Cooperative cellars
  • 35 Independant cellars

Average Yield

  • 32 hectoliters/hectare

Average production

  • 75 000 hl


  • Export : 40%
  • France : 60% of which  55% to supermarkets, 27%  to On-Trade  / vente directe

The range at Sud Tendances Diffusion  


1-Domaine Clos Padulis 

Blend of Carigan -Syrah -Grenache Noir .




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